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April 11, 2024

HealthPRO Canada Signs Three New Innovative Pricing Agreements

Innovation Program

Members now have access to three new Innovations on HealthPRO Canada's pricing agreements: 

  • Yewtwist, an IV grip distributed by Nipro Canada
    • This innovative device was created by a Registered Nurse (RN) and is designed to grip IV lines quickly, safely, and efficiently for the purpose of disconnecting the line without any damage.
  • Mobile Cardiac Monitoring & Reporting by m-Health Solutions
    • These Holter monitoring devices are used by patients in the community, with real-time reporting capabilities or wireless patch technology.
  • Silverlon® Antimicrobial Silver Plated Burn Dressings by Argentum Medical LLC distributed by The Stevens Company Limited
    • These unique burn dressings with “Antimicrobial Silver-plating Technology" deliver silver ions without releasing silver particles into the wound bed.

      If you are interested in adopting these innovative products into your practice, please contact your Member Success representative. 

      Are you a Supplier with an innovative product or solution?

      Contact to learn more about HealthPRO Canada’s Innovation Accelerator Program.

      About HealthPRO Canada’s Innovation Accelerator Program

      Launched in 2023, the program aims to bridge the innovation gap by creating supply agreements for any new, existing incremental or disruptive improvement that will lead to healthier outcomes or efficiencies across the continuum of care, and importantly, connecting these innovations to HealthPRO Canada’s national network of 1,300 healthcare facilities.