About Us

HealthPRO Canada connects healthcare teams to the supplies and solutions they need to care for Canadians. HealthPRO Canada is a leader in procurement – the complex process of sourcing and contracting for what is vital in the delivery of quality healthcare.

A trusted partner in Canada’s healthcare supply chain for more than 25 years, HealthPRO Canada facilitates and manages modern, innovative and sustainable contracts for supplies, equipment and medications.

Our Story

HealthPRO Canada was founded in 1996 by hospital leadership in Ontario who recognized the potential of a national group purchasing platform to drive the best possible value for Ontario hospitals and patients. Today, through the commitment of more than 1,300 healthcare facilities across the country, HealthPRO Canada brings together the most significant buying power and body of knowledge ever assembled, to deliver billions of dollars in joint procurement contracts for high-quality, safe and accessible products and services—saving our healthcare system both time and money.

Our Purpose

To deliver exceptional contract performance and customer experience, while supporting better patient outcomes for our member organizations and contributing to healthcare innovation in Canada.

Exceptional Contract Performance

Rigorous procurement processes—honed over the billions of dollars in contracts we’ve secured since 1996—ensure exceptional contract performance across the most comprehensive portfolio of quality healthcare products and services in Canada. We work to deliver well-structured and adaptable contracts that reduce purchasing complexity and increase organizational productivity; reduce time spent on routine and repetitive tasks; and offer significant savings on products and services, the dividends of which can be redirected into other healthcare priorities.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Our seasoned staff of professional healthcare, procurement and supply chain experts combine category expertise with hands-on experience in the healthcare industry to deliver exceptional customer experience with every interaction. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate each member’s clinical and financial needs, and use an open and collaborative approach to build and manage procurement contracts that help improve Canadian healthcare delivery.

Putting Knowledge to Work

We bring together the knowledge and practical expertise of a range of industry professionals—including our highly skilled team members, the staff at our 1,300 member healthcare facilities, as well as information mined from international relationships—to achieve best-in-class contracts.

Our Members

The benefits of national purchasing power in the Canadian healthcare sector have never been greater—or more important. We put decades of knowledge and the volumes of more than 1,300 member healthcare facilities across Canada to work. The outcome is unprecedented buying power and market influence for Canadian healthcare facilities.

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