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Canada’s healthcare system is the 3rd highest polluter per capita in the world


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displaced by climate change identify as women

Happy female factory worker

Sustainability at HealthPRO Canada

We believe that we have an obligation—to our customers, our communities, our employees, and the environment—to operate our business sustainably.

Our sustainability practices prioritize environmental sustainability, social responsibility, as well as stakeholder interests, striving to create long-term value while maintaining a positive impact on the communities we serve.

As Canada’s national group contracting provider for healthcare, HealthPRO Canada has a responsibility to be a leader in sustainability, which includes empowering our members and our suppliers to consider sustainable practices. Whether it be on the socialenvironmental, or economic front, we are working with our members and suppliers to identify and implement more sustainable practices from production of goods to delivery of care.

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HealthPRO Canada has compiled a collection of useful resources which you can find shared below.

Health PROcure

Health PROcure is a global coalition initiated by Health Proc Europe and HealthPRO Canada to advance sustainability, supply chain resilience and innovation in healthcare through the power of procurement.

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