Working with HealthPRO Canada

National reach and unmatched contract volumes provide suppliers access to healthcare facilities across the country through one business channel—an efficient and cost‑effective relationship for suppliers and healthcare practitioners alike.

Strongest Buying Power in Canada

Trusted by 1,300 member facilities across Canada to provide high-quality supplies that meet their specific patient care needs across the broadest range of healthcare service areas—from capital equipment and medical supplies to medications and devices, and everything in between.

Contract Commitment & Compliance

Because our members have a vested interest in participating in the highest quality and cost-effective contracts, we maintain a high level of contract commitment and compliance.


Our streamlined procurement processes—including member-driven criteria-gathering, prequalification and evaluation, awarding contracts, post-award management and ongoing quality assurance monitoring—maximizes your sales cycles while saving you time, money and resources.

Market Access

Our comprehensive bidding process, which includes multi-source, split and secondary supplier award contracting strategies, nurtures a vibrant and competitive market.

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Work with Us

We are committed to delivering value for all stakeholders in the Canadian healthcare system, including product and service suppliers. To this end, we play a critical role in facilitating member–supplier communications, act as a catalyst to resolve issues more quickly and coach suppliers on leading guidelines for product packaging, labelling and other important factors that can affect their suitability for contracts.

Together, our staff of clinicians, pharmacists, dietitians, procurement and supply chain professionals work with members to develop contracting strategies that prioritize key healthcare issues, including assurance of supply, advancing GS1 standards and promoting patient safety initiatives. We follow fair, open and transparent evaluation and procurement practices; all HealthPRO Canada contracts comply with procurement regulations that govern our membership.

Our Members

We help more than 1,300 healthcare facilities across Canada to secure the best possible pricing for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, support services, nutrition and food products, energy and capital equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All HealthPRO Canada contract opportunities are publicly posted on Canada, a public procurement website open to all suppliers.

To help anticipate upcoming opportunities, HealthPRO Canada maintains contract schedules which are updated on a regular basis.

HealthPRO Canada’s contract strategies and business practices support local economic development: 

  • 80-100% Compliance to HealthPRO Canada Contracts
    When participating in a HealthPRO Canada contract, regardless of whether the award is to a single or to multiple suppliers, members are expected to commit 80-100% of their spend in the category to one supplier. As the minimum is set at 80%, members have the opportunity to purchase up to 20% of their requirements from local market entrants or suppliers of unique or innovative products.

  • Choosing a Multi-Supplier Award Strategy
    HealthPRO Canada’s Multi-Supplier Award strategy enables those companies who can only supply within a particular province the opportunity to be awarded contracts.

    Although HealthPRO Canada cannot give preference to local suppliers, as per the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), a Multi-Supplier Award strategy enables contracts to be awarded to companies who can supply on a provincial basis, even though those local companies may not be able to serve the entire country.

  • Engaging with Suppliers Early On 
    HealthPRO Canada engages suppliers 18-24 months prior to issuing a Request for Qualification (RFQ). This early engagement provides local suppliers with time necessary to implement strategies and consider options that would make them competitive within a national contract. For example, a supplier in Western Canada may choose to partner with a distribution company in the east, thereby establishing a network that services our member hospitals from coast to coast. Suppliers can begin planning for future opportunities by consulting our Contract Schedules:

    As Canada’s group contracting provider for healthcare, HealthPRO Canada strictly adheres to all procurement regulations governing our members including the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive, amongst others.

    HealthPRO Canada also commits itself to the highest standards of professional practice, supporting both the Supply Chain Management Association Code of Ethics and the Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Code of Ethics. All HealthPRO Canada employees uphold their principles and conduct themselves according to these codes. 

    These regulations and codes of conduct call for an open, fair and competitive process.

    Yes, as Canada’s group contracting provider for healthcare serving the public sector, HealthPRO Canada’s procurement process must be in compliance with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), as well as all applicable provincial and regional regulations governing our members, including the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Procurement Directive. These regulations call for an open, fair and competitive process.

    Open Bids

    All contract opportunities are posted on, a public procurement website. Upon registration, suppliers receive invitations to future bid opportunities automatically.

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    Sustainability Scorecard

    All Materials Management RFPs will now include a sustainability portion of the scorecard. While exact details may differ from contract to contract, the below example may serve as a general indication of what will be asked.

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