Privacy Policy

HealthPRO Canada & Individual Privacy 

We at HealthPRO Canada Procurement Services Inc. (referred to as “HealthPRO Canada Canada,” “we,” “our” or “us”) abide by this Privacy Policy and want you, our members, suppliers and visitors to our website (referred to as “you”), to be aware of how and why we handle personal information. 

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, personal information means information that identifies an individual. For example: an individual’s name, birth date, address and personal email address is personal information which HealthPRO Canada may collect, use and in certain circumstances, where necessary, disclose, in the course of providing services and carrying on business. Personal information does not include the name, business title, address, phone or fax number of an employee of an organization. 

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. An individual may obtain our most up to date version located at www.HealthPRO or by contacting us at the address set out below in the section called “Contacting our Privacy Officer.” 

1. Collecting and Use of Anonymous Data  

Non-personal information is collected to track the total number of visitors visiting our website, pages visited, and time spent on those pages. 

We collect and share this information only in aggregated, non-personally identifiable format. In other words, it is anonymous and does not include an individual’s name, email address, or any other contact information. We may also use a service that collects data remotely by using web beacons or tags embedded in our site’s content. The data we collect includes which operating system and browser individuals use, how individuals navigate to and through our site, and how long individuals stay on our web pages. We may share this information with our third-party vendors to provide reports of this aggregated, anonymous data. We use this data to improve our site by responding to our users’ interests and providing more relevant and useful information. 

2. Use of Cookies 

Our website uses cookies (a text file which stores a unique ID representing the user) to allow the selection of a preferred location view, default home page view and access to recently visited links (such as products, services and individual pages) more easily. These cookies also permit HealthPRO Canada to store recently visited pages so we can display information to individuals more effectively. We may share cookie information with third-party business partners and service providers so that we can continue improving our website and the services available. Our website also includes digital advertisements which, upon accessing our website, store a cookie on the user’s device.     

If an individual disables cookies on their browser, the site will not remember certain functional preferences. Individuals will not be able to access a preferred location view, a customized default home page view or recently visited links. 

3. Collecting Personal Information/Website Privacy Practices 

Your use of our website and/or submission of personal information through the website is subject to, and governed by, this Privacy Policy. By accessing and using this website, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of the personal information provided by you in accordance with this Policy. HealthPRO Canada may use the information submitted to respond to an inquiry. Except as set out herein or as otherwise required or permitted by law we will not share personal information.   

4. No Responsibility for Third-Party Collection Practices 

Please note that when an individual links to our or any other website, the operator of such website (whether HealthPRO Canada or a third party) may collect information about that individual, including through cookies or other technologies. In addition, Internet or other service provider(s) may collect information about or submitted by individuals using our website, or any other website. You acknowledge that information collection or privacy practices of any other party, are not monitored or controlled by HealthPRO Canada and HealthPRO Canada is not responsible for such websites. Links on our website to other websites are provided only as a convenience, and the inclusion of such links does not imply endorsement of the linked site. An Individual should review the privacy policies of any other website visited to understand how information is collected and used.

5. Limited Right to Disclose Personal Information 

We will only disclose personal information as permitted by law. Where we disclose personal information to a third party, we obligate that third party to use and take steps to protect personal information in a manner consistent with the provisions of this Privacy Policy. We do not sell any personal information. 
Collection and use of personal information will be restricted to the extent of the consent by the owner of that information. Should HealthPRO Canada wish to extend the purposes for which it can use personal information, it will seek the owner’s specific consent. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, HealthPRO Canada reserves the right to store and disclose to third parties any information (including personal information) under the following circumstances: when the law permits it (such as, for example, to comply with laws or to respond to governmental authorities); to legal advisors; and to protect the rights, property, safety or security of HealthPRO Canada, website visitors or the public.  

6Accuracy of Your Personal Information 

HealthPRO Canada maintains procedures to ensure that the information we collect and use is accurate, up-to-date, and as complete as possible. However, we rely on individuals to disclose all material information to us and to inform us of any changes required. With proof of entitlement, a request to correct information in our possession may be made by contacting the Privacy Officer at the address set out below in the section called “Contacting our Privacy Officer.” 

7. Safeguarding Your Information 

We apply appropriate safeguards to our computer networks and physical files and we restrict access to personal information to those HealthPRO Canada employees and authorized administrators who need to know that information in order to administer the services we provide.

8. Retention and Access to Your Personal Information 

We retain personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Personal information is stored at our offices in Canada. Access to your personal information is limited to our employees, agents and service providers who need access in order to perform their job or provide services to us.   

With proof of entitlement, a request to access personal information in our possession may be made by contacting the Privacy Officer at the address set out below in the section called “Contacting our Privacy Officer.” Because the right to access information is not absolute, HealthPRO Canada may decline access to information that we have under our control for reasons such as:  

  • the information subject to a legal privilege; or
  • the information would reveal personal information about a third party.

8. Contacting our Privacy Officer 

    Request for further information, personal information access or any concerns about how we handle your information with HealthPRO Canada should be referred to our Privacy Officer, as follows: 

    Danny Fudge, Vice President, Finance
    HealthPRO Canada Procurement Services Inc. 
    360 Oakville Place Drive
    Suite #102
    Oakville, ON
    L6H 6K8