Nutrition & Food Services

Maximize your buying power, while tapping into the practical expertise of health and nutrition leaders on a wide range of high-quality food and beverage products, distribution equipment and cleaning supplies.



Our rigorous prequalification process ensures that contracted products meet the highest standards for quality and usability. And only those suppliers that meet predetermined, member-led criteria (including nutrition, packaging, sensory specifications and service requirements) are awarded contracts.


Our robust contracting processes comply with the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), as well as all provincial and regional regulations governing our members.


Our multi-supplier award process and array of contract commitment models bring control to your nutrition and food service protocols.


We work with members to understand their unique requirements, and their input influences every step of our contract award approach, from contract strategy, prequalification and testing, through to supplier commitment, awards and contract implementation.

Nutrition & Food Services Advisory Committee

Our national Nutrition and Food Services Advisory Committee (NFSAC) represents the diverse needs of our membership, including acute and long-term care facilities in urban and rural settings and their various meal delivery systems.

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Jean Kent

Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations, Nova Scotia Health Authority

HealthPRO brings a lot value to the Province of Nova Scotia. We’ve put a process in place that mandates we check to see if HealthPRO already has a contract for the item we need before we even think about purchasing it somewhere else. It just makes good sense to take advantage not only of the savings that HealthPRO’s contracts offer, but they’ve already done the work. There’s no reason to duplicate those efforts and put a drain on our resources if we don’t need to.

Audrey Mulla

Audrey Mulla

Regional Manager, Contracting Services, WRHA

Since Oral/Enteral Nutrition products are big budget items for hospitals, it was critically important to obtain the best value. HealthPRO’s contracting process is thorough but efficient and yields tremendous savings. There is a greater opportunity for all members to save through consolidated national volumes.

Sandy Roberts

Manager, Patient Care Services, The Geriatric In-patient Unit, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

HealthPRO brings all this knowledge together and it helps us make better decisions. We need to be able to manage our resources; they are finite. We need the best products available for our clinicians at the frontline while also respecting Canadian tax dollars.

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