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With billions of dollars in joint procurement contracts in a wide array of healthcare services—from innovative medicines and clinical supplies to capital equipment, energy management, signature services and more—our flexible contracting options cover each member’s unique procurement needs.


HealthPRO is invested in strengthening the Canadian healthcare supply chain to ensure it is safe, cost effective and reliable. We work closely with our members and suppliers on an ongoing basis to create procurement strategies that provide the best value and exceptional savings to members across the country, while also enhancing their ability to deliver better patient outcomes over time.

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National Buying Power

Gain exceptional financial savings through our national collective purchasing efforts across an extensive range of contracts, both within and across our range of service areas.

Focus on Patient Safety

Our rigorous product evaluation process ensures that contracted products meet the highest standards for quality and safety. And only those suppliers that meet predetermined, member-led criteria can be awarded contracts.

Flexible Commitment

We offer flexible commitment; members select, on a contract by contract basis those that are best suited to their needs.

Knowledge-Sharing on a National Scale

Advisory committees are an integral part of the decision-making process for product and service evaluation and contract awards. Our committees continue to act as a catalyst for peer-to-peer networking, education and knowledge-sharing that returns key insights and practices to local organizations across the country.

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Take advantage of our strategic, high-quality and cost-effective procurement services across a range of healthcare contracts, and win back time and money that can be used to advance patient safety and care.


Tracey Simpson

Director, Procurement, Inventory and Service Performance, Pharmacy Service, Alberta Health Services

A national forum like HealthPRO brings forward patient safety and look-alike issues. These conversations can avert patient safety incidents because if it’s a problem in one part of the country, it’s likely a problem in another.

Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Provincial Director, Supply Chain, Central Health

Supply Chain Management is all about the right product, in the right place, at the right time, at right price. HealthPRO’s Clinical Contract Advisory Committee allows for cross-functional integration between end users and materials management staff, so you’re going to be able to impact patient care in a more positive way.

Cindy Brown

MBA, SCMP, CPSM, PSPP, former Director, Clinical Supply Chain, Nova Scotia Department of Internal Services

Because the lifecycle of our capital procurement is not always predictable, the flexibility and convenience of being able to join HealthPRO’s contracts at any time is a significant advantage. And considering the immense volume of purchases to be made over the next few years related to Nova Scotia Healthcare Infrastructure Projects, it is reassuring to know we can rely on HealthPRO along the way.

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Join our roster of healthcare facilities from across Canada to secure the best possible pricing on pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, support services, nutrition and food products, energy and capital equipment.

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