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HealthPRO’s Strategy Avoids 81% of Medication Supply Disruptions on Split Award Contracts

From April 2017 to 2018, HealthPRO’s split award strategy mitigated 380, or 81 per cent, of serious medication supply shortages.

A Split Award contract strategy is used for critical, hospital-specific injectables where a secondary source of supply is made readily available during a temporary supply disruption.

“We are very pleased that Split Awards have helped avoid 81 per cent of supply disruptions,” says Christine Donaldson, Vice President, Pharmacy Services, HealthPRO. “We recognize that this is not a perfect solution as there are risk mitigation efforts hospitals must undertake when a brand is changed to ensure patient safety. However, our members’ ability to gain quick access to an alternative of equivalent quality in terms of labelling and packaging certainly goes a long way to maintain patient care.”

HealthPRO continues to adapt its pharmaceutical contracting strategies to stay ahead of market changes and the needs of its members.

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