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August 25, 2020

HealthPRO prepares for second wave, uses provincial modelling data to forecast medication volumes

From PPE to medications, it’s no secret that supply chains have been disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, but HealthPRO continues to find ways to mitigate those disruptions.

In preparation for an anticipated second wave of COVID-19, HealthPRO analyzed provincial projections of potential infected patients and utilization of intensive care unit beds, while collaborating with Health Canada’s Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee and the Provincial and Territorial task group, to forecast potential volumes of high-demand medications to submit to suppliers.

“HealthPRO remains steadfast in helping our members secure the vital medications they need for their patients,” said Christine Donaldson, HealthPRO Vice President, Pharmacy. “Analyzing these projections provided us with the insights we needed to proactively notify suppliers so they could ramp up production of potential volumes of medications our members may need during a second wave of COVID-19.”

HealthPRO, along with key members of its Pharmacy Advisory Council, narrowed the list of high-demand medications to six critical molecules and proactively engaged with members to identify their anticipated volumes.  Those committed volumes were then presented to suppliers to enable them to develop surge capacity strategies. Commencing September 2020, the required volumes of these six key molecules will be accessible to our members.

HealthPRO also proactively engaged our extended supplier community to establish a supply of COVID-19 critical medications beyond our contracted suppliers. HealthPRO has issued Standing Offer Agreements (SOA) to secure supply and pricing for these beyond-contract purchases.   

Minimizing shortages of vital medications for our members is a top priority, and moving forward for future RFPs, HealthPRO is working on assessing the capabilities of suppliers’ capacity to respond to an increased demand for vital medications.


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