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We’re happy to share the post-event report of HealthPRO’s inaugural Sustainability Rounds event, featuring key takeaways and themes discussed by our esteemed panel participants.

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On April 26, 2022, HealthPRO hosted its inaugural Sustainability Rounds, a virtual half-day summit focused on sustainability in healthcare across all aspects – social, environmental, and economic.

This year’s theme was Renew: Revitalizing healthcare for a sustainable future, and this event was a chance to do just that as we endeavour to share renewed energy, ideas, and approaches to build a sustainable healthcare industry.

We have compiled recordings from the event for anyone who wasn’t able to attend live, as well as for anyone who would simply like to revisit some of the panel presentations. 

Main Session

Breakout 1:
Suppliers in Action

Breakout 2:
Reducing Health Care Related PPE and Single-Use Plastic Waste

Breakout 3: Clinician Choices Matter – how everyone can be an advocate for environmental change

Wrap-up Session

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Grønnköpingkið is a digital fictional hospital showcasing Nordic sustainable healthcare solutions.

The Nordic Centre for Sustainable Healthcare gathers and describes different solutions and products that can increase the sustainability performance of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Buying into a more sustainable value chain (Celine Cherel-Bonnemaison, Gustav Erlandsson, Ben Ibach, and Peter Spiller)

“Two-thirds of the average company’s environment, social, and governance footprint lies with suppliers. Procurement leaders who take bold action can make a decisive difference in sustainability.”

The Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care’s mission is to build capabilities and capacity in individuals and organizations to enable the development of green health policies and practices. Check out their work here.

Canada’s Health System is Among the Least Green (Lauren Vogel)

CMAJ 2019 December

The 2018 Global Slavery Index provides a country by-country ranking of the number of people in modern slavery, as well as an analysis of the actions governments are taking to respond, and the factors that make people vulnerable.