Pharmacy Innovation Portfolios

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Biologics, Patented & Sole Source Medications

Developing and managing contracts for products that represent upwards of 60% of hospital pharmacy spend. Through our negotiated agreements, we provide price stability and supply assurances to members for products that fall outside of the competitive space.


Advancing the introduction of biosimilars (or subsequent entry biologics) into the Canadian marketplace, with flexible contracting options that allow members to create the optimal product mix for their patients’ needs.

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Therapeutic Tenders

Building customized contracts to meet members’ needs with specialized services, while also creating therapeutic-class competition for non-interchangeable products that drive value for members.

Market-Driven Contracts

Keeping pace with the global marketplace, bringing commercial solutions to Canada that address current, unmet patient needs. We have helped to facilitate the introduction of new, fit-for-purpose products and services to support patient safety and improve the efficiency of the hospital supply chain.

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