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February 24, 2021

Helping domestic suppliers compete, prosper, and thrive

As Canada’s national group contracting provider for healthcare, HealthPRO is in a unique position to provide new and emerging local suppliers with opportunities for long-term viability.

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As governments and healthcare facilities across the country actively seek to secure access to critical medical supplies and medications by supporting domestic manufacturing, HealthPRO recognizes the need to ensure they are sustainable.

This spring, HealthPRO will host a webinar for new and local suppliers, where we plan to offer information on:

  • Contract opportunities and strategies that allow both global and local suppliers to thrive 
  • How to navigate Canada’s healthcare procurement system
  • Resources available to gain a foothold in the market

HealthPRO currently maintains several strategies to support local economic development and foster assurance of supply:

HealthPRO’s Multi-Supplier Award strategy provides an opportunity to companies who can only supply within a particular province the opportunity to be awarded contracts.

In doing so, this strategy enables suppliers who can supply on a provincial basis to compete, even though those local suppliers may not be able to serve the entire country.

HealthPRO contract strategies help to prevent supply shortages and the impact thereof, while also ensuring greater participation and price stabilization for suppliers.

For example, our pharmacy portfolio’s split award strategy ensures a balanced obligation on the part of both suppliers to support the market during a supply disruption, resulting in a more stabilized supply of vital medications for our members.

When participating in a HealthPRO contract, our members are required to commit 80-100 per cent of their spend in the category to one supplier. This enables HealthPRO to secure the best value, as suppliers base their pricing on the national market opportunity we provide.

This commitment doesn’t just benefit a select number of suppliers, however. Members have the opportunity to purchase up to 20 per cent of their requirements from local market entrants or suppliers of unique or innovative products. We believe this enables us to deliver unmatched value, while also balancing the need for assurance of supply and a balanced market.

HealthPRO engages suppliers 18-24 months in advance of issuing a Request for Qualification (RFQ). As a result, suppliers of all sizes are provided more than ample time to scale their offerings and operations to be competitive within a national contract.

For example, a supplier in Western Canada may choose to partner with a distribution company in the east, thereby establishing a network that services our member hospitals from coast to coast.

This practice promotes a wide range of both local and global suppliers to express interest in our contracts.

To learn more about how HealthPRO is helping local suppliers, read our CEO’s latest blog.

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