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World Environment Day: June 5

World Environment Day

In recognition of
World Environment Day, we encourage you to take the Health without Harm Pledge and commit to implementing more sustainable practices in our joint effort to support planetary health and Canadian healthcare. Take the Health Without Harm Pledge below: 

HealthPRO believes that the future prosperity of Canadian healthcare is best served when organizations across the board are committed to actively seeking out and implementing more sustainable policies and practices. 
We believe that a commitment to sustainability is multi-pronged and must include focus to the social, environmental and economic challenges. 
Sustainability also means commitment to innovation and continuous learning as we discover new ways to better serve Canadians.  

If you missed our Sustainability Rounds where we shared tools and tactics for sustainable healthcare, you can view the recordings here or download the Report here. If you are interested in learning more about HealthPRO’s sustainability initiatives, including our Impact Assessment Tool for Inhalers or our Sustainability Score Card, please contact  

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