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March 19, 2024

The Rising Tide of the Right to Repair Movement in Canada

Right to repair

In a rapidly changing world, the
Right to Repair movement – the ability for consumers to repair their own electronic devices rather than being forced to rely solely on manufacturers or authorized repair centers - is gaining traction as advocates argue for the freedom to repair devices. Canadians spend billions on repair services, prompting a growing demand. 

Why it matters: This movement empowers consumers to repair their own goods, seek repairs from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), or choose independent repair shops. It's not just about device autonomy; it ensures that repair resources, including manuals, tools, parts, and services, are accessible at competitive prices.  

The impact on healthcare: The Right to Repair movement extends beyond devices and is crucial in healthcare as it aims to lower costs and extend the lifespan of critical equipment, benefiting healthcare facilities and individuals. Swift repairs of medical equipment are vital for seamless service, but current restrictions limit choices and increase costs. Enabling healthcare facilities to choose their repairer or perform in-house repairs promotes competition, reducing costs, and extending the lifespan of critical equipment.  

What's next: National legislation is pending and each province will need to decide whether to implement the Right to Repair policy on their own. While HealthPRO Canada sees potential in future applications across medical devices, ensuring continued patient safety is paramount.