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January 24, 2022

Sustainability and healthcare: How WESCO and Signify are proving these can be synonymous

Graphic image of solar panels, overlayed with supplier logos for companies WESCO and Signify

The word “sustainability” has been embedded in modern language for quite some time now, but some would argue without much meaningful action.

HealthPRO’s position is that, not only is sustainability an achievable pursuit, but it is also one that the healthcare sector must engage in. With healthcare being a sizeable contributor to waste and greenhouse gases, the climate crisis demands our attention.

As reported by CMAJ News, a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association, Canada’s healthcare system is among the worst producers of greenhouse gas pollution, a fact uncovered by the Lancet Countdown report. Healthcare in Canada is responsible for 4.6 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to over 200,000 tons of other pollutants.

As we continue to deliver new contracts, HealthPRO is committed to advancing the sustainability efforts of both our members and our suppliers by working together toward collective goals. One priority includes the creation of a sustainability scorecard based on the 2030 United Nations agenda and its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). HealthPRO is actively engaged with both suppliers and members to align the Canadian healthcare system to this agenda.

One such supplier leading the way is WESCO, a publicly traded FORTUNE 200 company and provider of supply chain and electrical/electronic solutions, among many other products and services. HealthPRO’s lamps and ballasts contract and electrical supplies contract are both awarded to WESCO.

In addition to these contracts, WESCO’s service offerings include energy management – programs that work to conserve, manage, and optimize energy consumption, providing measurable savings and environmental impact.

WESCO will perform a formal audit of your facility’s current and historical energy consumption, which can uncover potential rebate opportunities and identify the impact of external variables on your energy consumption. With that, and an understanding of both your energy goals as well as intended return on investment, WESCO will provide innovative solutions to help you meet legislative mandates, demonstrate environmental leadership, and – most importantly – save money.

WESCO provided HealthPRO with a case study detailing the potential these energy audits present: Following the initial audit, the unnamed facility’s kWh consumption totaled 14,320,501 kWh, and its energy cost was $1,431,117. WESCO’s proposal suggested the facility could see a 59.8 per cent reduction in energy consumption and 62.8 per cent cost savings, which amounted to nearly $900,000 in savings. What’s more, the resulting reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was a staggering 58.1 per cent.

Infographic detailing findings of case study: 59.8% reduction in engergy consumption, 62.8% cost savings, 58.1% less greenhouse gas emissions

WESCO works with an ecosystem of partners to perform this end-to-end energy management transformation. For lighting specifically, WESCO enlists the help of Signify Canada, provider of Philips LED lamps and fixtures. Signify’s LED lamps and fixtures are best in class, offering superior efficiency and energy savings. With 125 years of proven success in lighting, it’s no surprise that these lamps and fixtures offer up to 70 per cent energy savings, while being both reliable and durable solutions.

For more information on HealthPRO’s contracts through WESCO, please contact:

Tanja Sarcevic
Category Lead, Support Services