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March 19, 2024

Supplier Spotlight: Sterinova Injectables Reduce Waste by 45%

Sterinova Heparin

HealthPRO Canada's members are leading the charge in sustainability by adopting
Sterinova's bulk format injectables. Sterinova has introduced their Heparin syringes in packs of 25, reducing waste by 45% and maximizing storage efficiency in healthcare facilities. 

Why it matters:This greener alternative not only contributes to environmental preservation but also enhances operational effectiveness for healthcare facilities. HealthPRO Canada and its suppliers are committed to delivering sustainable solutions while maintaining affordability and quality for all members. 

What Members are saying: "By maximizing storage space in medical cabinets, we're now fitting 25 syringes in the space of 10," says HealthPRO Canada member Mike Mitchell, Director of Pharmacy, Prairie Mountain Health. "This not only minimizes waste but also promotes a greener pharmacy." 

By the numbers: With the new bulk format injectables, hospitals can enjoy a 45% reduction in waste. 

What's next: HealthPRO Canada will continue to champion initiatives prioritizing patient care and environmental responsibility.