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January 24, 2022

Strength of our national membership results in global suppliers introducing safer and more cost-effective medication formats

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In 2016, HealthPRO launched the Transforming, Together campaign, employing the strength of its national voice to create patient-centric advancements in pharmaceuticals. The campaign has since led to many important changes across hospital pharmaceuticals, including 36 new fit-for-purpose medications being brought to market.

“The Transforming Together campaign helped our suppliers understand our members’ needs for medication formats designed to fit current prescribing practices and support safe medication use,” says Tracy Gallina, Pharmacy Clinical Director at HealthPRO. “As a result, several fit-for-purpose medications have been introduced since our campaign in 2016, including new pediatric formulations, new tablet strengths, ready-to-use antibiotics, infusion bags used for pain and sedation in the ICU.”

The availability of smaller format, fit-for-purpose doses means:

  • Less or no manipulation, reducing chance of error
  • Less wastage due to longer shelf life of commercially prepared products, which positively impacts both the bottom line and overall sustainability
  • Better dosage for varying populations
  • Greater efficiency with less paperwork associated with wasted partial doses

What’s important to note is that many of these new format doses directly resulted from HealthPRO members’ valuable contribution, notifying us about product concerns. As proud as we are to be able to advocate for our member organizations, our advocacy is secondary to the role our members themselves play in initiating these conversations.

Of equal importance to the origin of these medication format changes is the effort involved in creating them, achieved by our valued suppliers. We understand that there is considerable work involved, and we wish to thank the following suppliers for their involvement:

Graphic including all suppliers involved in producing new fit-for-purpose medications, including: Apotex, Aurapharma, Avir, Baxter, Dr. Reddy's, Jamp, Johnson & Johnson, Jamp, Juno, Lilly, Natco, Pharmascience, Pendopharm, Sandoz, Sterinova, Taro, and Teva

Thank you to everyone who supported, and continues to support, the Transforming, Together campaign and who influenced the significant improvements we have accomplished since 2016. We look forward to continuing this collaboration between our members and suppliers to create positive change in Canadian healthcare.

To learn more about our Transforming, Together campaign, please contact:

Tracy Gallina
Clinical Director, Product Quality