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Northwest Territories Removes Desflurane Usage

Northwest Territories Removes Desflurane Usage
Anesthetic gases (AGs) are essential to the healthcare system in providing comfortable and safe surgeries. However, many people are unaware of the impact these gases have on the environment.  

Desflurane is a commonly used anesthetic gases and is also the most environmentally harmful. It remains in the atmosphere for 10 years, compared with 1.2 years for sevoflurane. To further illustrate its impact, just 1 hour of desflurane use is equivalent to driving 370 kilometres in a car, compared to only 50 kilometres for sevoflurane use.  

The Northwest Territories is the first among all of Canada’s provinces and territories to move away from the use of desflurane. Choosing gases with lower global environmental impacts, such as sevoflurane, is a key step in mitigating the environmental impacts of anesthetic gases. 

HealthPRO encourages members to work towards a more sustainable future in surgeries and healthcare by reconsidering their use of these gases. 

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