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June 06, 2024

Kicking off Pride Month!

HPROs holding pride flag

On June 5th, HRPOs participated in a webinar on Blooming Workplaces - Cultivating 2SLGBTQ+ Inclusive Spaces.

The session was organized by HealthPRO Canada’s Corporate Responsibility team and hosted by Jo Jefferson from The 519’s Training & Education team.

Jo shared practical insights and strategies to foster an environment where 2 Spirit, queer, and trans individuals can truly thrive, including:

  1. Don’t expect the marginalized to carry the responsibility of educating everyone else.
  2. Allyship is a continuous process that requires learning about the experiences, challenges, and perspectives of marginalized groups.
  3. Language is and always has been an evolution, so the concept of introducing new pronouns isn’t new or radical.
  4. Refusing to call someone by their preferred pronoun is tantamount to refusing to call someone by their name; you wouldn’t insist on calling someone Robert if their name was John.
  5. Don’t wait until Pride Month to recognize the 2SLGBTQIA people in your life; there are many recognition days throughout the year you can observe.

“This was a powerful session focused on nurturing inclusivity and belonging within our workplaces, as well as in our personal lives,” said Patti Organ-Blersch, Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility. “I’m proud our team could facilitate this meaningful kick-off to Pride Month.”

🌈 Let's continue to sow the seeds of change and cultivate empowering spaces everywhere.

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