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August 17, 2020

HealthPRO’s national reach helps source life-saving oncology medication

When an urgent email came in from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre about a patient who was in dire need of a life-saving oncology medication, HealthPRO’s pharmacy team reached out to its national network for help.

Erwinase® (Erwinia L-asparaginase), indicated for patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia, was needed for a patient at Sunnybrook and was in short supply, but by tapping into the resources of HealthPRO’s 1,300-member healthcare facilities across the country, a solution was quickly identified.

In less than 48 hours, Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville, Nova Scotia and the University of Alberta Hospital (UAH) in Edmonton had stepped up to share their stock of Erwinase®, providing Sunnybrook with a two-week supply of the vital medication. 

“HealthPRO’s healthcare network was crucial in helping this patient,” noted Flay Charbonneau, Manager, Odette Cancer Centre Pharmacy at Sunnybrook. “We are so grateful to Valley Regional Hospital and the UAH for sharing their stock with us.” 

Acquiring this medication quickly may not have been possible if not for HealthPRO’s national reach and serves to underscore the importance of a national contracting provider, especially during an urgent medication shortage.  

“This is a great outcome from a well-built national pharmacy network of patient care providers,” said Christine Donaldson, Vice President, Pharmacy, HealthPRO. “HealthPRO was able to efficiently connect these facilities to help gain access to a critical medication that was in short supply. We are very proud that we were able to assist in the care of this patient and support our colleagues at Sunnybrook.”



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