HealthPRO News

November 16, 2022

HealthPRO is a Great Place to Work!

HealthPRO is proud to announce its certification as a Great Place to Work®, recognizing employers who create an outstanding employee experience and an amazing workplace culture.

“This certification is indicative of the level of fulfillment our people have in their roles and within our new hybrid work environment, as well as their belief in HealthPRO’s mission rooted in knowledge and trust,” notes Renato Discenza, HealthPRO President and CEO. “We keep raising the bar to ensure our employees are happy and engaged to deliver the highest level of service to our members and suppliers, whether it is from their home office or in our national collaboration space.”

According to Nancy Fonseca, Senior Vice President of Great Place to Work® Canada, data shows that great workplaces benefit from stronger financial performance, reduced turnover, and better customer satisfaction than their peers.

“What's more, work environments with trust at the foundation are ripe for innovation, agility, resilience and efficiency," Fonseca said.

HealthPRO is Canada's national group contracting provider for healthcare, bringing together the national buying power and expertise of 1,300 member organizations to deliver contracts for high-quality products and services, saving both time and money for healthcare institutions across the country.

This certification is based on direct feedback from employees, provided as part of an extensive and anonymous survey about their workplace experience.

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