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June 29, 2023

HealthPRO Canada Rebranding Captures National Scope and Impact on Canadian Healthcare

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Oakville, ON (July 11, 2023) – After nearly three decades as Canada’s group contracting provider for healthcare, HealthPRO has unveiled a new brand identity as HealthPRO Canada to better reflect its cross-country reach.

The rebranding is a testament to HealthPRO Canada’s national scope and scale, which are fundamental in delivering on the organization’s collective ambitions on behalf of more than 1,300-member healthcare facilities across the country.

“HealthPRO Canada will continue to leverage the strength of our national scope, singular focus on contracting and unrivaled expertise to support members as we work together to achieve our common goal of improving healthcare in every province and territory,” said Christine Donaldson, Interim President and CEO, HealthPRO Canada.

The branding refresh was just one of a number of new initiatives HealthPRO Canada launched at its recent Annual General Meeting on June 26, 2023.

Accompanying the new brand, HealthPRO Canada officially presented its 2023-2026 strategic plan, which was created through extensive consultation with more than 300 representatives of our members, suppliers, and other domestic and international partners.  

The three-year plan charts a course for HealthPRO Canada to strengthen Canadian healthcare by delivering on three key pillars: pursuing world-class procurement, driving insights from data, and igniting stakeholder networks globally, nationally, and regionally.

“Our new strategic plan is not about reinventing, but reaffirming – who we are, what we do and where we focus our efforts,” Donaldson said. “We are confident that this plan keeps us on the right course and prepares us for the challenges facing the healthcare supply chain today and tomorrow.”

To support work guided by the plan, HealthPRO Canada launched three new sub-brands which highlight the organization’s commitment and robust programs to achieve the following objectives:

  • HealthPRO Innovation, to accelerate the adoption of made-in-Canada innovations and improve patient outcomes;
  • HealthPRO Sustainability, to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes through procurement; and
  • HealthPRO Strategic Insights, to deliver the power of predictive technology and smart procurement insights to stakeholders.

HealthPRO Canada also welcomed four new leaders to its Board of Directors: Scott Bishop, Vice President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer, NL Health Services; Maria Cendou, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Shared Administrative Services, Shared Health Manitoba; Ian Khan, Independent Board Member, Ontario; and Mary Lee, President & CEO of Health Association Nova Scotia.