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September 19, 2023

Healthcare Buyers Community: Building a More Sustainable Healthcare Supply Chain 

Healthcare Buyers Community

As Canada’s national group contracting provider for healthcare, HealthPRO Canda is committed to sustainability and is proud to co-found the
Healthcare Buyers Community (HBC).  

What is HBC? Healthcare Buyers Community is a one-of-its-kind online platform, that brings together strategic thinkers from the healthcare procurement and MedTech sectors from Europe, Canada and beyond. Together with our partners - European Health Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA) and Health Proc Europe - we’ve built a new platform that unites healthcare facilities and solution providers, to provide members of HBC access to resources, events and exclusive networking opportunities that will shape the future of healthcare procurement. 

Why it matters: Canada’s healthcare system is the 3rd highest polluter per capita in the world and the supply chain is responsible for a significant portion of healthcare-related emissions. We believe it is paramount to leverage the collaborative power of knowledge sharing and innovation both within and outside our borders to achieve critical carbon reduction goals:    

  • to build a sustainable and resilient healthcare supply chain    
  • to empower procurement professionals to make better decisions for people and the planet   
  • to foster policy framework adoption, knowledge sharing and innovation in healthcare procurement.  

The bottom line: By joining the Healthcare Buyers Community, Suppliers and Members can actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable and resilient healthcare supply chain.   

Stay tuned for more updates on this collaborative initiative, including onboarding HealthPRO Canada Members and Suppliers in late Fall.