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May 02, 2022

Health without Harm: Take the Pledge!

image of girl running through fields

The time for action is now; the world can no longer afford to be complacent on sustainability issues and the healthcare industry is no exception.

Canada’s health sector is the third highest polluter per capita in the world. As a larger world economy, we have seen the effects of malpractice, with 24.9 million people being victims of forced labour and 80% of people displaced by climate change identifying as women. In other words, this conversation can not simply be about environmental outcomes. Our practices – as an industry and as global citizens – have greater implications socially and economically.

That’s why we have created the Health Without Harm Pledge – a nod to a growing movement to transform the health sector, reducing environmental impact and championing health justice.

Launched at our Sustainability Rounds event on April 26th, we are calling on our valued partners – members, suppliers, and more – to take the pledge and commit to Health Without Harm.

Take the pledge here!