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December 02, 2021

Fall 2021 Virtual Clinical Contract Advisory Committee meeting sees clinicians from across Canada evaluate products hands-on

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HealthPRO was proud to host its second-ever virtual Clinical Contract Advisory Committee (CCAC) meeting during the first two weeks of November. While the committee and members look forward to a return to the regular bi-annual in-person sessions, the second iteration of virtual meetings was once again impactful.

The four-day virtual event saw more than 75 clinicians and procurement professionals from across Canada come together to discuss upcoming contract strategies and evaluate over 70 Medical/Surgical and Ostomy products submitted by suppliers.

“This kind of advisory approach is one of the things that differentiates HealthPRO; we’re working together with you to make sure we all don’t have to replicate the work across all our different members,” HealthPRO President and CEO Renato Discenza said as he addressed the committee. “Imagine if every one of our members had to work alone to do this work. We get a more robust and safer view of the products because we learn from each other. I want to congratulate you on this work.”

While the first virtual CCAC meeting in May was also a resounding success with HealthPRO Clinical Advisors demonstrating the products, these sessions were extra meaningful because committee members were able to evaluate and score the samples live, mimicking how this process is conducted during in-person meetings.

To continue to expand knowledge through a collaborative approach, HealthPRO’s Clinical teams worked diligently to put together packages of products to send out to clinicians across the country, ensuring committee members could review samples with their own hands.

“Building on the success of the first-ever virtual CCAC meeting back in May 2021, today, samples of the products being reviewed are in the hands of clinicians that will be participating in live virtual product evaluations along with HealthPRO clinicians,” said HealthPRO’s Kendra Frey, Vice President, Materials Management.

The next CCAC meeting is scheduled for May 2022.

“A huge thank you to the entire HealthPRO team, such a positive experience all around,” said Paula Machado, Sourcing Manager, PHSA SC. “Appreciate the innovative approach required by the pandemic but so looking forward to reconnecting in person in the near future.”

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