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August 25, 2020

COVID-19 procurement lessons learned and getting ready for the next wave

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the Canadian healthcare supply chain, and now it’s time for the healthcare community to formulate their next steps.

Addressing some of the most pressing questions about pharmaceutical supply chains and how HealthPRO supported Canada’s hospitals during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, HealthPRO’s Christine Donaldson, Vice President of Pharmacy, will be covering three important topics as part of the GHX Healthcare Industry Stakeholders’ Call.

Key topics of discussion: 

  • How HealthPRO supported Canada’s hospitals during the height of the pandemic
  • Lessons learned and the critical importance of national coordination
  • How do we prepare for what’s coming next?

September 24, 2020
1:00 PM ET
Presentation with Q&A

Registration opens week of September 14, 2020.

About Christine Donaldson

Christine principals HealthPRO’s Pharmacy portfolio, leading the procurement of pharmaceuticals on behalf of more than 1,300 hospitals across the country. In this role, Christine works collaboratively with members, suppliers, industry associations and all levels of government to spearhead strategic initiatives designed to maximize savings and promote assurance of supply and patient safety

Prior to joining HealthPRO, Christine was Director of Pharmacy Services at Windsor Regional Hospital, where she oversaw pharmacy operations for inpatient pharmacies across two acute care campuses, the regional cancer centre pharmacy and chemotherapy suite, as well as three accredited outpatient pharmacies. 

Christine has a Bachelor of Science degree (Pharmacy) from the University of Toronto and a Master’s degree in Adult Education, received the Osgoode certificate in Public Procurement Law and Practice and is a member of Health Canada’s Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committee (MSSC) on Drug Shortages.