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September 16, 2021

Committing to Contracts in Advance: Why Wouldn’t You?

image of two healthcare workers talking

Best price, best value, more choice and better contracts: it’s what everyone wants and it’s what’s possible through commitment in advance.  “Members tell us they need to know who will be awarded or they need more time to engage their clinicians,” says Liana Scott, Vice President, Member Support and Business Development.

“Commitment in advance doesn’t deter from these things, it actually helps make them possible.”

Reasons why members commit to contracts in advance:

  • More time to engage clinicians: Commitment is requested eight (8) months before the contract is awarded and you know who has been qualified, giving lots of time to trial products and gain buy-in from your sites.
  • More choice and better value: When suppliers know the extent of the business opportunity, more suppliers respond with even better pricing.
  • You’d have to do it anyway: Whether HealthPRO is running the contract or members are doing it on their own, suppliers expect that if you’re going to market, you’re going to buy from the awarded supplier. The difference is that with HealthPRO, you’re able to benefit from national buying power while making the business and clinical decision that’s right for you.

For more information, please contact your Member Support representative.