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Board Member Spotlight: Maria Cendou

Image of Maria Cendou

What drew you to a career in healthcare?

I knew healthcare was my calling at an early age. My mother had a 25-year career in healthcare where I saw firsthand the fulfillment of serving people and the enjoyment of helping others. I started my healthcare career as a high school student working at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre in the Department of Dietetics, and soon after decided that I would study to become a Dietitian.  While I started my career in Dietetics, my career trajectory progressively broadened to include a full breadth of support services within a community hospital.  Supply Chain quickly became my passion.  

In your view, what does the future of healthcare procurement look like?  

Healthcare procurement has evolved from driving to get the lowest price, to a more balanced approach looking to drive best value from the perspective of quality, cost and outcomes. We are all looking for ways to improve our healthcare system and taking a more holistic approach to assess best value is integral to enabling improvement. 

What makes the mission of HealthPRO Canada meaningful to you?   

HealthPRO Canada’s mission focuses on supporting better patient outcomes through exceptional contract performance.  I believe that leveraging the power of a significant membership base, and the ability to join forces with other jurisdictions helps create a value proposition that would not be possible as a single entity.  This aligns closely with my desire to foster value-based healthcare. 

With an accomplished and impressive career, what are you most looking forward to in this next chapter?   

I am encouraged by the potential to leverage value for our healthcare system through collaborative strategies with industry, fostering innovative and creative solutions. Moreover, the opportunity to help shape the future of healthcare procurement through the mentorship and development of new leaders is by far one of the most exciting prospects in my next chapter. 

What are your personal interests outside of work? 

I have a passion for drawing and design.  In my next life, I plan to come back as a Planner/ Architect, and perhaps still in the healthcare setting, working to create the optimal form and function of our future care facilities. 

Favourite quote or motto?   

My life motto is: Be generous of heart, always be kind, and treat others the way you wish to be treated.   

After having worked in Ottawa for almost a decade as the Director, Contracting and Procurement Services at The Ottawa Hospital, what drew you back to Manitoba in 2020?  

I was born and raised in Manitoba, and while Ottawa was one of the most beautiful cities to live in, I was drawn back to Manitoba to be close to family.  Manitoba will always be home!