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March 19, 2024

Are you Ready? Ontario’s Building Ontario Businesses Initiative Act

Image of Building Ontario Businesses Initiative

What is it?

Ontario’s Building Ontario Business Initiative Act (BOBIA) mandates public sector entities to prioritize Ontario businesses in procurement processes for prescribed goods and services under a specified threshold. Learn more here. 
Who it applies to? 

This initiative applies to all public sector procurements, reflecting the government's dedication to fostering a competitive business environment and strategically developing Ontario's economy. 

New Procurement Criteria to Support Local 

Similar to other jurisdictions, Ontario employs competitive procurement processes for goods and services. Traditionally, submissions are evaluated based on factors such as price, experience, and qualifications but, BOBIA aims to expand these technical requirements, introducing criteria like social and economic considerations. This approach levels the playing field for businesses in Ontario, promoting a fair evaluation process that benefits local businesses and the communities they serve. 

How HealthPRO Canada Supports Ontario Businesses 

As a major group purchasing organization in Ontario, HealthPRO Canada is well positioned to support the Ontario government and Ontario businesses. Last year, we were invited to consult with the Ontario government on the proposed Act and provided input into the draft regulations. Since then, our Innovation Accelerator Program has also helped Ontario businesses get access to hospitals and health care organizations across the country. We look forward to continuing to partner with the Ontario government on these initiatives moving forward. 

Supply Ontario is hosting a free training session on Thursday, April 11 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. EDT. You can register for the Building Ontario Businesses Initiative (BOBI) training here.