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Mitigating Risk through Post Award Assessment Service

When contracts transition and new products are awarded, the ability for frontline healthcare workers to quickly recognize changes in dosing or administration requirements is critical. 

“Lack of awareness of a change or lack of clarity around what has changed can have serious consequences ranging from near misses to medication errors,” says Sylvia Hyland, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) Canada.

HealthPRO helps members mitigate these risks through its Post Award Assessment Service (PAAS), which facilitates the quick identification of key differences between a new pharmaceutical product on contract and the previous version. 

Through the online HealthPROCONNECT Portal, members have the opportunity to download and customize Medication Change Memos, complete with side-by-side product photographs, which can in turn be distributed to frontline staff as education tools, helping to facilitate contract change communications prior to the start of the new contract. 

This service is an essential step in HealthPRO’s contracting process.

“By identifying all significant changes for the pharmacy and nursing staff, we help enable quick recognition of the new product, as well as the need for any modifications in preparation or storage, which can prevent errors and improve patient care,” says Nancy Giovinazzo, Senior Clinical Director, Pharmacy Services.   

For more information please contact:

Nancy Giovinazzo
Senior Clinical Director, Pharmacy Services

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