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Working with HealthPRO

HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc. is Canada's healthcare procurement services organization representing the purchasing interests of hospitals, provincial authorities and Shared Service Organizations (SSOs) from coast to coast.

HealthPRO's national reach and unmatched contract volumes provide suppliers access to more than 800 hospitals and healthcare facilities through one business channel ensuring an efficient and cost-effective relationship. To respond to today's ever-changing market, we offer product and service contracts across the broadest range of healthcare service areas including pharmacy services and specialties, clinical services and specialties, nutrition and foodservice, support services and energy management.

HealthPRO understands the essential role competition plays in a vibrant marketplace and we actively nurture fair, open and transparent procurement practices. To comply with regulatory procurement guidelines, all opportunities are publically posted as well as BC Bid, Alberta Purchasing Connection and Nova Scotia Tenders.

Benefits to Suppliers:

• Expanded reach and national exposure, ensuring access to the largest possible customer base

• Streamlined processes that save time and resources

• Compliance with regulatory procurement guidelines

• Multi-source contracts that nurture a vibrant, competitive market

• Opportunity to introduce new technologies to a national market

HealthPRO does not send Requests for Qualification (RFQ) or Requests for Proposal (RFP) to suppliers directly, but provides a contract schedule listing:

Pharmacy Contract Schedule
Pharmacy Services and Pharmacy Specialties

Materials Management Contract Schedule
Clinical Services, Clinical Specialties, Support Services

Nutrition and Food Services Contract Schedule


Request for Qualification (RFQ): An RFQ is issued in order to prequalify products. RFQs often require the submission of samples and are used to obtain information about the product quality, breadth of products, business capabilities and strengths of suppliers to meet contract requirements. Suppliers' products are measured against specific criteria, and only those suppliers who meet the requirements are invited to respond to the RFP.

Request for Proposal (RFP): An RFP is a request for suppliers to submit a business/financial proposal on specific products or services. An RFP may be posted publically, meaning that any supplier is welcome to respond, or invited, meaning that only those suppliers' whose products were prequalified through an RFQ may submit a proposal.

Clinical and Business Reference Requests

Link to Clinical and Business Reference Request Letter

As part of our product pre-qualification) process, we often ask suppliers to provide clinical or materials management references to verify product quality and service for our members. A clinical reference relates to a clinician's hands-on experience with a supplier's product(s) and service, while a materials management reference relates to day-to-day business experience with the supplier, such as fill rates, onsite service, problem resolution, backorders, customer service response times, etc.

If you have questions or concerns about providing HealthPRO with references please contact:

Sue Di Croce, Business Director, Clinical Services (Business references)
Kendra Frey, Business Director, Clinical Specialties (Business references)

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